Windows 10’s Anniversary Update is now available

Finally Microsoft has brought in Windows 10 Anniversary Update and is much available for download. The software maker at first began the process of testing the Anniversary Update back some nine months ago in December last year. So the modern reality is that every Windows 10 users is open to getting a feel of the fresh features as well as the development associated with the update all at no cost.

Windows 10's Anniversary Update is now available

Principal among these said improvements is a fresh Windows Ink feature. Microsoft has provided support for inking in Windows for an amount of time running in to years now, but Windows Ink is a one very special hub particularly assigned to devices like the Surface Pro 4, and other 2-in-1s which make use of styluses. Windows Ink can still work work with your fingers, for doodling as well as inking on screenshots, though there is more effectiveness and convenience when working with a specialized stylus.

Windows 10 Anniversary Update rolls in a number of user interface improvements to the notification center, Start menu, taskbar, as well as the general dark theme. Microsoft is also making some small changes to Cortana so as to provide the digital assistant to answer queries while still being able to work on the lock screen.

So should you be one of those addicts of Microsoft’s Edge browser, it will also be on the receiving end of extension support. Extensions such as AdBlock, LastPass, 1Password, as well as EverNote are up for grabs. Even more is expected to get to Windows Store in the months to come. You can get Windows 10 Anniversary Update straight from Windows Update at once.

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