Microsoft preparing to lauch a new Surface Pro 6

Just after Microsoft had spent close to two years in an attempt to upgrade their Surface Pro 4 which was released in the year 2015 and it has taken up to a year and 4 months to update the 2017 generation of the popular 2-in-1 tablet, as a result there’s no way of saying in certainty when Surface Pro 7 will see the light of day. If one is to guess, it may come in a few months or it could take longer than that but what we are sure of is the information from our sources who have given us a timeframe for which we are to be anticipating a Surface Pro 6 to arrive at the market in North America before it gets to other continents.

To be more specific, our sources say that this information’s leak was not intentional, be that as it may, the date of a new Surface Book 2 model having a 15-inch screen has been confirmed. The newfangled Surface Pro 6 on the other hand should be reaching various stores as at the 18th of June, 2019 for those who are interested.

Although there may not be any much of a change in the outer layout/design of the ultra-powerful and productive 12.3-inch Surface Pro model lineup, there are definitely going to be changes in the internal in such a way that the experience of the user is taken to a whole new level. The specs of the device includes a 16 gigabyte RAM and it is combined with an Intel Core i5 processor. Of course a memory of 16GB is nothing new, but it has only been available in such a way that it was combined with the Intel Core i7 processing chip that costs at the least a total of $1,899.

But the combination of an Intel Core i5 processing chip, a 16 gigabyte RAM and a 256 gigabyte SSD card memory is meant to be at the price of 1,399 American dollars. Users may argue that the Surface Pro 6 is hardly reasonably priced, but do not forget that a device with an Intel Core i5, a 256 gigabyte of internal storage, and an 8 gigabyte random access memory will at the moment cost a total of 1,199 American dollars. More so, as it has been dealing over the years, it is safe to assume that the company (Microsoft) will be adding huge discounts in a while right after the lineup of the Surface Pro 6 has been stretched out.

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