How to find the serial number of your android device

The serial number of your phone is a code provided by the manufacturer that is unique only to your phone and as a result it’s impossible for two phones to share the same serial number. If you intend to discover your phone’s serial number, here are some things to note.

A serial number usually contains numbers and letters, the length of the code is determined by the manufacturer. The serial number is denoted mostly by “S/N” (check below). Just as is the case with every other android phone out there, getting to the serial number can be done in a myriad of ways, however, this tutorial is meant to provide you with a broad idea of where to find it.

First: On Your Device’s Retail Packaging

In most cases, the box in which your phone was packaged usually has the serial number written on it. Most of the time, you are likely to find it on a sticker behind or on the side of the box that has other bar codes on it like your IMEI number and more.

Second: Under Your Device’s Battery

Modern day android phones come with built-in battery (batteries that cannot be removed). However, if your battery happens to be one that you can remove, look at the battery on either side and you will see your device’s serial number on it.

Third: In Your Device’s System Settings

In order to find the serial number of the device in the software, tap Settings and then tap System.


Click About Phone and then Status.

The serial number of your device will most likely be at the bottom of the screen, all you have to do is scroll down (for some devices).

But in the case that you don’t find your phone’s serial number there, you may want to sniff around some more in that same About Phone subdivision, you will definitely find it there probably in a different location.

What is the Serial Number Used For and Should It Stay Private?

The serial number is what the manufacturer of your device uses to track its inventory for such things as claims of warranty and repairs. Now the thought of keeping the S/N private may sound absurd especially as it’s printed on the box the device came in, but, in a case that you share it and another person uses it to file a false warranty repair on the phone, you may find that you have lost your phone’s warranty.

Besides, OEMs strongly advice against making the serial number of your device public.

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