LG’s upcoming G8X will be its first phone with an in-display fingerprint sensor

When LG announced its G8, there was a lot of excitement going around as people expected great things from the company’s latest device, however, when the phone was finally launched it turned out that it wasn’t much what one would expect. On that note LG decided to take things up a notch with its new LG G8X which according to our sources promises to not be the letdown that the G8 was. The company announced that the G8X will be launched in September, next month during the IFA annual show in Germany. The G8X features a fingerprint sensor that is built into the display of the device which is a whole new innovation for LG as none of its other phones come with an in-display fingerprint sensor.

LG’s innovation, the in-display fingerprint sensor is a major leap for the company especially since it is coming from its G8 line. The original G8 was said to have nothing less than three different means of authentication before the phone can be unlocked which are a fingerprint reader, a 3D time-of-flight camera and a face scan, and the eccentric “palm scan” which is a feature only attached to the G8. But as revealed by the renders which have a smaller notch, it appears as though the LG is no longer going to be using the sophisticated face scan but the more conventional fingerprint reader.

Furthermore, it may be that the company will not be including its Crystal Sound OLED speaker technology which was put into the original G8 in the new G8X. renders depict a rather traditional speaker at the top of the phone, although these renders were made from leaked CAD files which means that they are not the final images from LG translating to the fact that there’s no certainty that this is nailed down as of yet, there may still be changes.

Pertaining the remaining parts of the G8X, our sources say that the device will be running on the same Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 chip processor like the G8. We don’t have information as regards the rest of the device’s specs. If we are to assume that everything we have now is consistent with the specs on the G8X, then one can say that the phone is basically nothing more than another traditional Android device which is nothing like the G8 which was more of an experimental device. This begs the question, “Will a traditional design be able to stand in the midst of flagships where a first attempt to make something out of the ordinary failed.”

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