Samsung’s competition this September other than new iPhones

Just three months past the actual period that due to lack of circumstances, it was forced to delay the release of the product, giant tech and mobile devices production company Samsung, has at long last announced a retooled September date of release for the Samsung Galaxy Fold.

Releasing at such a time will not only put the device in a position where it can serve as competition for 2019 iPhone models that have been or are soon to be released by Apple, it also means that the Galaxy Fold will then be a direct competition for the Huawei Mate X. That’s right, sources report that the Huawei version of foldable smartphones has been spotted and in the hands of none other than the CEO of Consumer Business at Huawei, Richard Yu at the Shenzhen International Airport.

Although, according to our sources’ reports, Richard Yu was not so enthusiastic to spell out any details as regards when the foldable smartphone will be launched, the last official comment made by the Chinese tech company was that the device was due for launch in September. Huawei had announced its retooled date of release after they delayed its original release date in June.

One thing must be noted, and that is that unlike when Samsung was forced to delay the release of the device because they were a few vital reliability issues that the company had to fix with the screen of the foldable smartphone, Huawei’s reason for delaying the release of its own product was not publicly stated. When Huawei was sought after to get information about the delay of its foldable smartphones, the company’s reply was that it was following a “cautious” measure to releasing the Mate X and it was also running extensive tests to make sure it was ready for consumers.

We are uncertain if any major upgrades have been made to the original design during the course of said “testing”. A journalist who had the opportunity to hold the Mate X last month said the company made “significant progress” on the smartphone since MWC in February, but an executive of the Chinese company told our sources that the hardware was “basically the same” with what was displayed earlier this year.

The reports that we have gathered lately tell us that we may not have to wait for too long for the release of the Huawei Mate X. As a matter of fact, there’s a current registration on China’s TENNA according to our sources, which suggests that the device is soon to be released in the country.

The only problem that may serve as hindrance is the placement of the company on the Entity List, so there’s no knowing what OS the Mate X will use.

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