Reports: Apple to start getting rid of the MacBook’s butterfly keyboard this year

Given the recent turn of events, it has become evident that Apple is going to change things from now henceforth and it will no longer use its butterfly keyboard which not a lot of people have love for. According to the analyst that provides our sources with information on all products and services if the company, Ming Chi Kuo, the company will introduce a scissor-switch keyboard design in its soon to be released 16-inch MacBook Pro which will no doubt be available for sale in the month of September, this year.

The new keyboard has been reported to make use of a scissor mechanism that has glass fibres to reinforce the keys so that they can never ever get to break. Also from all things considered given the equipments required to get the keyboard working, it is evident that the new scissor-switch keyboard will be a lot less expensive to produce than the butterfly keyboard. More so, the new and improved keyboard will provide for the longer travel of keys than in the butterfly keyboard and also the new keyboard is a lot more durable than the last one.

There have been a lot of rumours and reports stating that the company was planning to abandon its model keyboard of recent, in fact, Ming Chi Kuo gave us this report at an earlier time this month and he said that it was the MacBook Air that will get the new keyboard and the 16-inch MacBook Pro will be getting it next year. But given the information we have recently gotten, everything we have been led to believe has been altered and it is the 16-inch MacBook Pro that will be getting the scissor-switch keyboard this year and then other models of Apple laptops will get it next year.

For many years now, the butterfly keyboard has proved to be a difficulty to Apple presenting one problem or another in succession. The company introduced the butterfly keyboards originally in the year 2015 with the aim of making its MacBooks slimmer. From that moment on, users started to complain that the keys will no longer work if ever dust came under them. Apple has since been trying to fix that issue, introducing different kinds of measures to prevent their damage: it improved the design with rubber stoppers to keep dust from getting in and then it developed the design with certain “new materials” so as to make the mechanism more reliable. The company even launched a repair program, but it seems they have now given up on the device and are trying something new.

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