Microsoft’s detail plans for Cortana

We all know that Cortana was at first only a digital assistant for the Windows Phone before it was now incorporated into Windows 10, iOS, and Android. Now that the Windows Phone is done for and noting that only a handful of people are making use of Cortana on their PCs, giant tech company, Microsoft has decided that it will no longer compete with already established digital assistants such as Alexa and Google Assistant. The CEO of the company Satya Nadella herself made an announcement earlier this that the company was no longer seeing the possibility of its product standing as a competitor in the digital assistant playground.

Cortana which was once a major part of the Windows 10 software is now being turned into just an app. What this means for Cortana is that Microsoft gets to update it as much as possible and it can be separated from being part of the built-in search engine in Windows 10. As of now, the company is already detaching Cortana from search on Windows 10 and is working to design a new search interface for the computer software with its focus on the new Microsoft Search initiative. Furthermore, Cortana is also being silenced during the setup process of Windows 10.

Even though Microsoft used to say that over a hundred and fifty million people who had Windows 10 were using Cortana, the truth remains that most of those people who were using Windows 10 were only just making use of the function which was based on searching with a texts instead of actually using the Assistant. The thing is that with Digital Assistants, it works better if they are a part of some device say the Amazon Echo for example, than on a PC, one thing that Microsoft itself has finally realized.

Cortana is now no more even in the Xbox One. Microsoft had from the beginning planned that the digital assistant would be launched on the Xbox console in the year 2015 but as a result of delays that came with the development of the dashboard, it was launched a year later. Even with the absence of the digital assistant, users of Xbox will still have the ability to use voice commands with a Kinect sensor as Cortana won’t work with a headset any longer. Therefore the tech company is now pushing its users to make use of the Cortana app on their phones for voice commands which was not the original intention.

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