Spotify makes public its maiden hardware device

For a couple of years now, Spotify has been the unchallenged title holder of the lively and profit-making industry of music streaming, only problem is that it has been depending on a network that is surrounded by the big boys in tech such as Apple and Amazon and continuing to operate despite this is kind of a risk. Because of this, it does not come as an entire surprise that the company established in the year 2006 turned to another phase in its business and provided its customers all over the world with hardware which it calls “Car Thing” device.

The Car Thing device can be plugged into the “12 voltage power outlet/cigarette lighter” of any car after which the Spotify user who owns the car can control the playlists and podcasts of their smartphones while they’re on the road and this they do by providing verbal commands making their driving safe as a bonus. In essence the Car Thing device is an Anker Roav Bolt less adaptable and powered by an unnamed software that’s meant to be a rival for the Google Assistant. Our sources report that this Assistant may never get to surface on a grand scale.

On other thing is that this Car Thing device which so happens to be the first hardware device to be produced by Spotify is not for sale, rather, it will be provided to a small amount of Premium subscribers on the service in a bid to assist the company in learning “more about how people listen to music and podcasts.” As exciting as this sounds, Spotify is only trying to do a test-run and it will be conducted soon (no precise date has been given) in the United States, be that as it may, the company is providing an opportunity for the test-run to be expanded beyond the US.

For the time being, the company’s aim is to be the go-to audio platform in the world, not designing hardware for its customers, nevertheless, if this experiment proves to be positive, it could mean a lot for the company and its market. For clearer indication, if the users who are invited like the hardware, it could turn out to be a product for the company’s market.

Our sources have not been able to provide us with the full specifications of the device, but, we are sure the screen of the device has a circular shape, there are some buttons on the device and it has a wake word: “Hey Spotify”.

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