Microsoft opens the door wide for anyone to create and publish Xbox games

Microsoft has thrown the door largely open to anyone now who has the intentions of developing and selling games on games on its Xbox platform. With these new procedures in place, such interested individual will no longer have to pass through all those previous rigors of the company’s former set protocols.

This new program Microsoft is initiating is called the Xbox Live Creators Program. This program from its design will give the avenue to a solo developer to handle a retail Xbox, which still serves an additional purpose of a dev kit. He can now use this to produce (as well as publish) the title to the Xbox marketplace. Previously in the absence of this program set to take centre stage, the developer had little options than partaking in a well set game development company or possibly a media company. Another way around this was to make an application via Microsoft’s ID@Xbox indie game program. This will give you the ability to self-publish on your own.

Although this new program is not yet extensively open to the general public, from the way it would work, it is apparent the game you are developing must be a Universal Windows App. This is to ensure that it is well compatible with not just Xbox One but also a windows 10 device. And in the context where the game is in violation of the company’s stipulations, Microsoft exercises the rights to take the game down from the store.

The program will come at a cost though, it will not be free. The attached fee could range from $20 to $100. We can not clearly affix the price for now.

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