Revealing the two best strategy games you can enjoy on your Android phone

Games are a nice way these days to keep a young brain vibrant and working. Intellectually exciting smartphone games are a nice way to keep your IQ well polished and shiny making sure your brain doesn’t slip into retirement life. Most peculiar and exhilarating among these smartphone games are strategy games. They get you really smart weaving your way through technical gridlocks. Let us look at two of the top strategy games on Android.

Clash Royale

From the makers of Clash of Clans comes Clash Royale. This game enables you to sharpen your strategizing abilities as you wage war on human opponents in real time. How do you do this in this game? This is done through brain eating card-based combat. Here war breaks out between your brain and that of your opponent as you strategically try to eliminate your opponent’ Crown Towers in course of sustaining the defence of yours.

If you really want to win in this strategy-intensive games, you must be studious enough to identify the deficiencies of every of the cards as well as their strongest points. After dutifully learning them, you can now draft your knowledge in battering these cards as you battle on. You really need to be in form tactically when playing this game because once you make one tiny mistake and move your card wrongly, a sharp enemy will quickly wallop you and it is game up!

One nice thing about this game is that is that it rewards the time you invest in it in that the more time you spend on it playing it the more cards you could possibly unlock. Well you can also choose to buy some stuffs in the game, it will be a much added advantage. Although you will be always be matched against opponents in the same skill category with you. Well said we can appoint this game as of the most intriguing game of 2016. Try download it in the play store and you will understand all the rave it has been making.

Pandemic: The Board Game

The is the second top strategy game we will be looking at. Here you get to save the world by preventing the spread of over three contagious diseases in the world and ultimately curing them.

At the beginning of the game, you are given the option of making a choice of your selected characters. Every one of this characters is saddled with the responsibility of undertaking one peculiar role in the mammoth task of curing the plague. Now your choice of the characters is really crucial to the success of your mission. This is one very lovely game you can play with your friends and form a combined team to rescue the world from the claws of an epidemic. One thing for sure, this is deeply addictive. You can barely save yourself from saving the world!

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