How to disable Twitter’s “News for You” notifications

Twitter usually notifies you about things like likes, retweets, or mentions. However, at times, it notifies you about “News for You” which is a way to invite you to read the latest news on Twitter. If you want to turn these notifications of on either your iPhone or Android, here’s how.

To begin with, open your Twitter app, tap your profile picture and then select “Settings and Privacy”.

Tap “Notifications” among the list of settings.

Next, tap on “Push notifications” under Preferences.

Disable the “News” slider under “From Twitter”.

In there, you can customize the types of notifications Twitter shows you. You may for instance want to disable “Highlights”, “Moments”, “Popular in Your Network” sliders which can make news stories people are discussing about appear.

With that done, you won’t see any more “News for You” push notifications on your phone.

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