Google bans yet another Chinese app developer

Reports have come to us from our sources with information regarding the recent banning of a Chinese developer by Google from the Google Play Store reason being that the developer went against its policies for advertising. CooTek that is listed on the NYSE and is perhaps well renowned in the West for its TouchPal keyboard replacement, as of now has been denied access to the ad platforms offered by Google and has removed more than a dozen apps removed in total.

According to the information our sources provided, this came about as a result of the investigation carried out by Lookout which revealed that more than a hundred CooTek apps were using an incursive adware plugin known as BeiTaAd. According to reports we got, it appears this particular plugin sent ads that were sort of “aggressive” to users even when the phone or the app was not being used of which Lookout researcher by the name, Kristian Balaam stated could make the “phones nearly unusable”.

Even though CooTek said that it would have BeiTaAd removed, our sources as well as Lookout discovered a few moments later that a lot of the updated apps that were accepted into the Play Store by Google contained a distinct code that could enable ads of a very similar nature.

While being interviewed by one of our sources, a spokesperson of CooTek by the name Mina Luo stated that, “There was not any re-engagement on the ad activity pointed out by Lookout on any of the versions which we updated. The findings claimed by Lookout this time are lack of evidence [sic] and the logic is not convincing.”

Our sources then sort out Google to see what they had to say in the matter, and in response, a spokesperson of Google stated that, without any form of doubt, “Our Google Play developer policies strictly prohibit malicious and deceptive behavior, as well as disruptive ads. When violations are found, we take action.”

Keep in mind that this is not the first case where Google had to go to the extremes of banning any Chinese developers because they decided to violate the app policies of the Play Store. Take for instance, Do Global which was not so far in the past, precisely in April banned for violations of the very same nature. More so, Google also took the same action against developers, Cheetah Mobile and KiKa in the previous year.

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