How to find your iPhone, iPad, or Mac UUID

Every Mac, iPhone, and iPad have a Universally Unique Identifier (UUID) assigned to it. These codes are special to each device and they resemble a serial number used by developers. If you want to identify one, this is how you do it.

What is a UUID?

A UUID is a string of letters and digits created in a certain pattern. Every iPad, iPhone, or Mac has a unique UUID that is not the same with any other Macs, iPhones, and iPads. They are somewhat like serial numbers, though they are different in the sense that, Apple makes use of serial numbers to identify your device, however UUIDs are used by developers.

 You may not need to know or access your UUID, however, if you intend to register a device as part of the Apple Developer Program so you can install beta software, you’re going to require it. App developers may also ask you for your Apple product (iPhone, Mac, or iPad) UUID so they can provide a build that only applies to that specific device.

To find your Mac UUID, click the Apple logo in the menu bar, and then click “About this Mac”.

Next, click “System Report”.

The text beside Hardware UUID is what you’re looking for.

You can copy the text directly from that place if you want to.

On an iPhone or iPad:

Connect you iPhone or iPad to your computer, and then open iTunes. Next, click the device icon at the top.

Your UUID of your iPhone or iPad is hidden by default, click “Serial Number” and it will change, displaying your UUID.

You can copy the UUID directly from within iTunes.

Other identifiers to Note

There are some other identifiers that you may see.

  • Model Identifiers are used to reveal which model a particular device is. A Model Identifier is not unique to any one device, instead it is unique to the model band that the device falls into. For instance, an iPhone 7 is known as iPhone 9,x while an iPhone XS is iPhone 11,x. These numbers are usually used by Apple only, but they are sometimes revealed in leaks of upcoming devices.
  • Apple and its suppliers use model numbers to identify devices and markets they are designed for. IPhone XS for example sold in the US is A1920, while the one sold in Japan is A2098.
  • International Mobile Equipment Identifier (IMEI) numbers are used by carriers and are unique to devices that connect to the cellular network. They are also frequently used to block devices reported to be lost or stolen.

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