Google has shut down Nest app for Apple Watch and Wear OS

People can easily control and operate their smart thermostats right from their wrists with the use of the Nest app in the Apple Watch and Wear OS so much so that Google has made the decision to shut down the Nest app it created which functions on both Apple Watch and the company’s own Wear OS. The smartwatch Nest app provided its users with the easy way to regulate the thermostat target temperature or operating mode. However, as of now, when you try to run the Nest app on your Wear OS, you get a message which reads, “Nest is no longer supported on Wear OS” and then the app tells the user to uninstall it.

While speaking to one of our sources, a spokesperson of Google said, “We took a look at Nest app users on smartwatches and found that only a small number of people were using it. Moving forward our team will spend more time focusing on delivering high quality experiences through mobile apps and voice interactions.”

One might wonder if having shut down the Nest app may have been a huge loss to the users. The answer to that question would be, “Not in the least bit”, people who used to make use of the app on the Apple Watch and Wear OS can still make use of the app if they wanted, maybe not on that platform but on other devices. After all, it was only shut down on those two platforms, which means that if anyone wanted to use the app, they can easily pull out their Android and iOS devices and use it. Notifications that you used to get from the Nest app on your smartwatch will still continue to show up, more so, those who own a Wear OS can still control their Nest devices with their voices when they employ the use of Google Assistant. The only problem is that Nest users on the Apple Watch don’t have that privilege unfortunately.

With the foregoing information, it appears as though Google has itself come to the conclusion that one of its apps on the Wear OS which happened to be a very good example of the convenience a smartwatch brings is no longer worthy of the effort. According to the reports reaching us from our sources, the company is now putting less and less effort into supporting the Apple Watch and the only remaining app that is on the watchOS is Google Keep.

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