Shocker: Do you know humans watch more than a billion hours of YouTube video everyday?

The world is tilting towards video now. People are getting more engrossed with what they see. This is why YouTube has been a major hit as one of the ultimate destination for videos today. Are you ready for the shocker? It has been officially confirmed that YouTube users now engage in watching over a billion hours of videos everyday! This is magnanimous as the company has revealed. Now if you assemble everything back-to-back, you see that amounts to over 100,000 years of footage, shared between the sprawling number of YouTube users spilling into millions globally.

This figure was confirmed in a blogpost the company published. More precisely YouTube reveals that the one billion viewers hit had actually been obtained since 2016. Now the next target YouTube has set is possibly increasing the length of the video viewers watch rather than the general view a particular video has gathered.

This amazing figures emboldened the thickening reality that Youtube is dominating the video world although the giant video is still battling troubles of its own. YouTube Red for example which is the paid subscription package is struggling to attract subscribers; and so far only a miserly 1.5 million persons have subscribed to the service as of last year August.

Yet we must applaud YouTube for this milestone achievement. While the likes of Facebook may be trying to get a foothold in the video niche, we can rightly tag YouTube The Boss!

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