Windows 10 will soon allow you block the installation of desktop apps

Microsoft has been making dedicated efforts to ramp up the Windows 10. The most recent update that will be rolled out is the capacity to prevent (by blocking) desktop apps from installing. Sometime ago reports surfaced that the Windows 10 has been receptively accepting any kind of app to install as opposed to just allowing apps from the Windows Store.

Well this push to block such apps is not entirely new considering that a similar security feature has been rolled out by its rival Apple on to the macOS. Apple had targeted that at preventing the installation of unsigned apps as well as apps sourced outside the App Store. Yet this move is not entirely welcomed as criticism has been streaming from high profile sources one of which is from Epic Games co-founder Tim Sweeney who outwardly labels the move as “anti-competitive” and “anti-user” in a series of tweets slamming Microsoft.

So far we have learnt that Microsoft is at present running tests on a fresh “Windows 10 Cloud” version of its operating system. This one will help realize the blockade of the installation of desktop apps. Although the software maker has not really unveiled Windows 10 Cloud, but screenshots we have seen so far shows it well resembles the customary version of Windows 10 we have seen earlier on.

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