Did you know Microsoft’s LinkedIn now has more than 500 million members?

Last year Microsft made the news when it executed the mega purchase of LinkedIn for over $26 billion. A good number of us actually felt it was a sign that LinkedIn was on a decline. Well we can’t say, but for sure Microsoft’s move for LinkedIn doesn’t really seem out of place as things are still frolicking for LinkedIn with the social network in a celebratory mood right now.

LinkedIn is marking its transition to over 500 million members. This is a big number or achievement however dwarfed by the numbers we have from Facebook. Well it is very understandable Facebook beats LinkedIn. Facebook majorly is a fun network for you and your friends. LinkedIn on the other hand is for you and your potentiaL employers. That obviously marks the difference in the user population of both networks.

These 500 million users on LinkedIn were accrued from over 200 countries. At present the job listings on LinkedIn exceed 10 million boasting the presence of over 9 million companies. This is really amazing!

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