Soft life: With Cortana you will be able to set up a new Windows 10 PC just by speaking

We all would have loved to have a secretary to help us through life. For me I wouldn’t mind having a secretary that does all my calls for me even the call of nature. Well Microsoft is providing us with a loyal secretary enhanced new features in the mould of Cortana in the Windows 10.

With the new enhancements Cortana is adding on, you will be able to simply sit back and simply instruct the Microsoft virtual assistant to configure your PC all with your voice. This is majorly courtesy of Windows 10 Creators Update.

For fresh machines that come with Windows 10 Creators Update preinstalled in them, Cortana will have the ability to exchange pleasantry with them saluting them at the commencement of the setup exercise. Even with your Cortana, you can instruct it to help you as a Windows 10 user to make connections to available Wi-Fi networks or possibly get you signed into a Microsoft Account. Cortana will add the ability to run the installations of a Windows 10 Creators Update, more and more, Cortana now has the ability to configure your keyboard options as well as your Wi-Fi network- just by you talking and Cortana does the listening and carries out the procedures. This is one secretary you don’t want to sack.

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