Examining the astonishing Sony Xperia XZ Premium : 4K HDR screen, memory-stacked camera

As we look forward to the bombshell dropping from Sony in form of the
Sony Xperia XZ Premium, let us take some time to look at the juicy features it brings to the already congested table. No doubts this 5.5-inch smartphone typifies Sony’s recent hefty push for innovation.

First we will be looking at is the admirable reality that the XZ Premium boasts the world’s unprecedented 4K High Dynamic Range (HDR) display; arguably he best a smartphone can boast of. Although it is quite true to admit that there was no elevated touch of uniqueness in the 4K on the Sony Xperia Z5 Premium we saw some two years back in 2015. But in this 4K HDR, which Sony managed to bring out in partnership with Amazon, we must admit see deafening excellence when it comes to color production. In one of the demos we saw the XZ Premium flexing its potentials showing warmers colours, even up to a dazzling depiction of what the streets of Lisbon in Portugal looked like.

Now moving outside the astonishing display presented in this Sony Xperia XZ Premium, another thing that will stun you about this phone is its fresh camera tagged the Motion Eye. One thing that incites your curiosity is how Sony went the distance in bringing in fast memory right into the camera stack. Well armed with this capacity, the camera can produce a distinct really slow motion of 960fps at a resolution of 720p.

The duration for this quick burst is just 0.18 seconds. So if we examine this from the technical angle, we see that you will be capturing something in the region of 180 frames, this however doesn’t distort the allure of effect when you happen to stretch it on a more conventional 30fps. It is that powerful that you can capture very momentary shots like water splashes in just a blink of an eye. This is pretty amazing!

We must give Sony some deserved thumbs up for really going the length to bring out these designs in the Sony XZ Premium. For one thing, however hard I try, I have been unable to assassinate my love for Sony smartphones.

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