Have you heard of RCS? Google brings it forward renaming Messenger to Android Messages

Now that RCS is taking over messaging, Google has taken the game up by ambitiously targeting its messaging app to assume the position of the default texting.

And just in case you don’t know what this RCS means, it is a communication standard which is naturally evolving from MMS as much as SMS. RCS boasts improved support for multimedia as well as group chat up to read receipts and has been well familiar with Facebook Messenger and even Hangouts. Over 1 billion subscribers currently use this RCS format as it has been readily adopted by global carriers lone Sprint, Vodafone.

Google Messenger is therefore rolling in an update which rebrands the app to Android Messages. Although the major functionality of the app will not be changing, and with the name changed, Google will be bringing will be spreading this rebranded app across over 19 smartphone manufacturers as Google primes to spearhead the RCS revolution.

With this update in place, we expect previously disturbing bugs to disappear with improved stability for the app as well as increased convenience in signing up.

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