Oliver Twist: Facebook wants more, plans to put advertisements in the middle of videos

No one ever gets satisfied, we are all Olivier Twists in our various calibrations. When you feel Facebook being the largest social media platform alive has made a lot of money, you are damn wrong. And now Facebook unsatisfied is looking for new measures to keep the money rolling in and what will Facebook be adopting this time? Putting advertisements in the middle of videos!

We are learning that Facebook is rolling in advertisements in the middle of their videos which are watched rampantly on its platform. The major inspiration behind this is certainly to make more money. Although as of now, Facebook is testing this model, we understand that should Facebook select it, what we will have will be the publishers of the video been allocated 55% while Facebook pockets the remaining 45%.

From what we are learning, if Facebook rolls in this program, people with follower capacity exceeding 2000 and those whose live videos which have reached over 300 viewers would be well eligible to have these ads inserted in their videos.

Back in 2016, Facebook had announced that more than 100 million hours of its videos are viewed every 24 hours. And now that Facebook is bringing in this money model, we can be sure of having more people broadcasting live videos soonest. While this may seem goodnews for publishers to make money, for us viewers, it is just another terrible challenge of tolerating intrusive ads which we have little control over.

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