Tutorial: How can I Set Up Two-Step Verification in WhatsApp

In life, one of the foremost things you can get is security. In the digital world of social media, greater emphasis is being put on security with the increasing incidences of hackers breaking into private accounts. This is why the two-step verification is becoming the major trend now for security. Rather than just inserting a password, these two step verification brings in another layer of security in addition. This ways marauders find it harder to break into your account.

Even WhatsApp now has the two step verification process. Let us look at how you can set two-Step verification in WhatsApp.

To start you simply have to open Whatsapp, you can from there head to Settings and move to Account.

Meanwhile you should be reminded that for you to see the two step verification, you must have the latest Whatsapp. Only then can you see the option of Two-Step Verification option. On the other hand, if you don’t have the latest WhatsApp version, do upgrade to enjoy this option. So let us continue if you have seen this option.

Okay at that point, they will demand you to input a six-digit passcode and then you will have to give confirmation to it. Well this should be other than your phone’s security.

Good from there,move on to give a confirmation of your email address. You can choose to jump this step although it is not too advisable you should. Especially considering that in the absence of a email address, it will be impossible to make a reset of your password.

So you can now click “done” for the enabling of this two-step verification. Subsequently at any interval in time, you can chose to make changes to your email address or even your password from the settings.

After you have finished all these, the next try you give at setting up WhatsApp on a new phone, WhatsApp will not only ask you for your password but also for a one-time code sent to your very number.


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