Oh Boy! Meet the fastest SD card alive from Sony

These days life is all about speed. It is not about doing something, it is about how fast you will do it. Okay let us say you made an invention at 20 years and you made that same invention at 50 years. Which do you think the world will value more. To tell you how vital speed is these days, we prefer churches where the pastor’s sermons are very fast.

Sony knows this too hence in it greatly appreciates speed. Imagine the exonerating pains of having a memory card that doesn’t read fast. It is very painful. Anyway thank Jah for the latest memory card coming from Sony.

Dudes, this is officially the fastest storage card on planet earth at the moment. Going by details released by the Sony company, this SF-G UHS-II SD card has read speed of 300MB/s and speed of 299MB/s. This amazing specs inarguably makes it the fastest SD card alive; ever to be created.

Talking more about this storage card, the The SF-G cards happen to be waterproof, shock proof, X-ray proof, as well as temperature resistant. Sony plans to make this storage card available in the capacity of 32GB, 64GB, and 128GB variations. As of now we can’t really say how much Sony will be selling this as of now. But certainly from next month, we are expecting Sony to put this up for sale. I really love speed personally- fast aid furious technology.

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