One of my best apps email apps on my iPhone debuts on Android

Call it the fastest email app around: no flattery!

Personally I don’t joke with email apps on my smart phone. I like the way they optimize time and increase my productivity. I necessarily wouldn’t like to prescribe an email app for you but that doesn’t mean I’m not proud of my love for the Email by EasilyDo. The only limitation I did suffer with this app previously was that it was just for iOS. But now things have changed.

The Email by EasilyDo jollification has now be judiciously extended from iOS to android. And it exactly repeats the same things I love about it on iOS: awesome speed, package tracking and a host of other smart sorting, one tap for canceling your subscription for junk email and other stuff.

I would readily push for this app for anyone out there that wants to shift allegiances from Google’s indigenous email app. And this Email by EasilyDo is yet even getting better with support for Outlook, AOL,Yahoo as well as a variety of IMAP accounts. Thus it is well said calling this app some kind of universal inbox. At least this app is particular for its speed as well as the ease with which you can unsubscribe from those pestering junk mails.

It is really worth a good try. And you can get Email by EasilyDo on Play Store now.

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