Another blow to the masses:HTC will no longer make cheap phones in 2017

The company is greatly slashing down on low entry-level devices

Why is it always the masses suffering? When a cup of rice goes to N170, it is the masses that suffers it, when fuel goes to N300, it is still the masses, it is not like I want to go political though but the fact obviously remains that the masses are the punching bag of the economy.

And now HTC will be adding to our woes. In the latest announcements coming from HTC, it revealed that the giant phone maker is packing its luggage off the entry-level smartphone market later this year. The practical implication of this is that HTC will officially stop making cheap phones. Thunder!

While HTC asserts it will terminate production of cheap phones this year, it still pledged a continued compensational support for cheap phones as HTC aims to put its major production emphasis on to high-end, costlier devices.

Well this would be a blow but not too big a blow considering that HTC had earlier on chopped down its production of small phones to focus in producing high end phones some five years back.

What HTC is planning this time around is that it would yet unleash over 6 phones this 2017 just too sad that none of the phones will be for the common man. Just too bad a financial prejudice for us the masses!

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