Amazon will be releasing its first commercial for the Echo Spot January ending

Our sources have sent us reports confirming that Amazon has just released an ad for the Echo Spot on YouTube. The ad which is called, “Be Together More,” is only a minute long, and it is full of feels. The commercial tells a heartfelt story about a grandma who is left home alone with her cat after a visit from her family. She is gifted an Amazon Echo Spot that comes with an instruction, “Just ask: ‘Alexa, Call Home.’” She studies the gadget with curiosity and full interest, at first the appliance looks like a futuristic alarm clock, later she realizes that she can use it to video call her loved ones. To her awe, her family appears before her eyes in the video call, shouting, “Surprise!”

For those who don’t know, Echo Spot is a device that allows you to see the weather, get the news with a video flash briefing, set an alarm, see lyrics with Amazon Music, see your calendar, browse and listen to Audible audiobooks, all just by asking Alexa (an AI personal assistant). Echo Spot features a 2nd generation far-field technology with four microphones, beamforming technology, and enhanced noise cancellation, so it can hear you from across the room even while music is playing. Echo Spot can connect directly to speakers using a 3.5 mm stereo cable, Bluetooth, or Wi-Fi for compatible wireless speakers to add voice control to your home stereo system in the living room. It allows you to make hands-free voice calls to any of your contacts, or video calls to friends and family who have an Echo Spot, Echo Show, or the Alexa App and more.

According to the reports from our sources, the ad will be available on YouTube at the end of January, at the time when most people have already finished out the last of their holiday shopping. Even though Amazon will not disclose the exact sales numbers of its Echo products, the timing of the ad seems to correspond with perhaps a current lull from an intense Q4 of sales. Amazon’s Q4 2017 earnings are set to be announced on the 1st of February 2018, after the market closes.

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