Google Camera app hints that the Pixel 4’s second lens will be for portraits

Google has revealed that it’s new product, the Pixel 4 will have two rear cameras but at the time, the company didn’t quite specify if the second lens was going to be a telephoto shooter or if it will be developed for the purpose of taking wide-angle photos. It turns out that the question has been met with an answer as Google is planning to release a new camera app. While our sources spoke to developers, they said that the app’s build which was contained in a version of Android Q which has been leaked had the references of a code that noted “telephoto” precisely which means that is probably the function of the second lens.

Those who have and are using Pixel phones, may argue that these phones take great portrait photos and sometimes the direction of the edge is better than it is on an iPhone or even other Android phones because the computational photography Google uses is quite excellent. However, since Apple’s leading iPhones work with depth data that’s obtained from two cameras, they bring out a transition between the subject and the blurry background that’s more genuine, whereas Google goes directly from foreground to a background that’s very blurry and a telephoto lens will solve this problem.

Although it is a little disappointing even with the little progress that the company is making. Of course when it comes to taking a portrait shot, that can be easily done with a standard camera, however, taking an ultra-wide angle shot with a standard camera is not possible except you intend to stitch the shots together. It would have been a major step forward for Google if they had by some margin came to a level that’s on par with LG, Samsung, and other phone manufacturing companies with high camera quality. It is even expected that the iPhone will be getting a wider camera in the new three camera system it has coming this year.

Be that as it may, it is not entirely out of place for Google to be getting the hang of using telephoto/portrait lens since it has been years the company has been making use of a single rear camera. In addition, there are a lot of individuals out there who prefer to take portrait shots than wide ones.

Another interesting feature about this Camera app code is that it also applies to a front IR camera. From our findings on the Google Pixel 4, we know that there will be no fingerprint sensor at the rear of the device which could mean that Google is looking to develop a technology that could match up with the Face ID authentication that Apple owns, and it is very possible that it is planning to integrate its Project Soli technology. From the looks of it, Google is working to give everything it has into the Pixel 4 to make it a prima flagship device.

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