Do you know Spotify now has more than 50 million paid subscribers?

There is little argument that Spotify has confirmed its leading position as one of the elite destinations for music streaming. And this got more solid with the declaration coming from the company as it celebrate its mega achievement of 50 million paid subscribers!

We must applaud this growth as just March last year, Spotify was boasting of 30 million subscribers. And fast forward to today, what we have is a whooping 50 million. This is minus the free users because once you bring them in, the number sky rockets to more than 100 million Spotify users.

Irrespective of the angle you view it from, there is little doubt Spotify has more than come to stay. Most of its rivals are left in its absorbing shadows as Apple Music itself can only boast of 20 million customers. This is impressive till you measure it against the giant leaps of Spotify. Even Tidal is crawling from a way off boasting a relatively meager number of 1.1 million.

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