Awoof:Google introduces ‘Playables’ to let you taste games before you buy

It is popular culture here in Nigeria to taste before buying. You will agree with me that the ‘”suya” you are given to taste before you buy is kind of sweeter than the one you actually buy. Samples are always more delicious that the purchased stuff proper.
And now Google will be allowing us to “taste” too before buying.

This is the new mode Google will be launching in its app stores as will allow game developers who trade their games on the platform of Google App Store to give potential buyers the avenue to taste the games before hand prior to buying. Google calls this kind of games “Playables” . You can see this as a kind of game teaser sure to give you a preemptive grasp of what awaits you in the game should you choose to buy it.

So you will agree with me that this program will be of immense benefits as it eradicates the situation where you basically buy a game blindly. This why with this program in hand you could in depth research about games enjoying a synopsis with the playables of what the real game entails proper.

These playables will be well compatible with HTML5. From the scope of what we are seeing, Google could begin this program from next month.For those of us who always love testing groundnut from the seller, this will be a huge plus!

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