Guess what: Snap the owners of Snapchat are developing a drone

Trust me I love ambitious people, the rich are always ambitious, and this is excellently righteous. The rich can never have enough. Their gluttony for more success is the preservative of their already existing success. You hear Dangote wants to build a refinery and you are like “what does he want there again?” No apologies that is the culture of the mighty.

Thus it is in similar vein that we hear Snap, the maker of Snapchat, is at the moment working on producing a drone. You can ask what they want there again but sorry they can’t see your pains, their eyes are covered on the spectacles of ambitions.

Snap has always been looking to diversify from Snapchat. We saw how Snap emerged out with the innovative Spectacles that was sophisticated with camera. Snap is making concrete attempts to classify itself as a camera company. Well not too bad. Drones are still not too far off from these ambitions.

Snap is not joking either. Locked vehemently in competition with then the likes of Instagram and the rest, Snap the owner of snapchat has doggedly increased its valuation towards the region of $20 billion. When you are less busy, try count the zeroes in the $20 billion then you will see that is no small money at all!

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