Twitter soon to offer more context about unavailable tweets

Reports have reached us from our sources saying that Twitter will from now henceforth be providing its users with a bit more detailed context regarding unavailable tweets instead of just putting a wall that reads “This Tweet is unavailable” as a notification. Our sources believe that the new feature that the company has created will go a long way to bring to a minimum the muddiness that is often related to reading a conversation on Twitter when you observe that close to half the tweets are missing for a specific reason which you don’t understand.

There are a number of reasons why tweets can be unavailable, it could be that: they might contain a keyword that you’ve muted, an account’s tweets could be protected, or the tweet may have been deleted. Our sources tried to get a detailed update on what the notifications would be like but they never got a reply from Twitter, be that as it may, the company stated that these notifications would be an evolved version of the notices that are already existing, for instance, the labelling of tweets that have been removed because they violated their terms of service. Another example could be when a reply is from an account that you have blocked at a previous period. According to the social media network, the new feature will be made available “in a few weeks”.

One other thing the company is planning to put in is a profile picture icon which the company has been testing for a while. According to our sources, the social media network is looking to use it as a medium to provide more information to replies in Twitter threads. Users who were tagged in the original tweet will be labelled with say for instance, a little ‘@’ symbol, meanwhile the original poster will have a little microphone symbol displayed over their own profile picture when they happen to post any replies to the tweet they posted.

One more advantage that these new features will provide besides making conversations a lot easier to read about is that it can solve the general problem with Twitter scam as users who have similar usernames as well profile pictures as popular accounts reply their own tweets whilst providing links to suspicious Bitcoin scams. These icons that the company has decided to incorporate will in theory create a possibility for users to tell the difference between the replies by the original poster and the scam accounts. Though no specific time has been provided for when this feature will become available, however, at present, it is being tested with a few selected Twitter users.

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