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There are a lot of people who like to use anything on default, meanwhile there’s another group that prefers anything in dark mode. If you are making use of the Office package and you want to experience dark mode, this tutorial will help you turn on dark mode on the Outlook web app.

Note that the dark mode can be found only in the new design of Outlook. If you have not yet signed on for this, it will soon be an automatic option for you since the giants of tech, Microsoft has made an announcement that it will making that possible for all its users worldwide within a couple of months.

To enable dark mode, open Outlook, then click on the Settings cog in the top-right corner, and switch the Dark Mode option.

Once that is done, the app is immediately turned to dark mode option which is more favourable to the eye compared with the previous total white background.

If you want only the reading pane to be white, there is a toggle that you can flip in the selected email if you want that to happen.

Click on the toggle to switch the body of the email between light and dark, if you find it easier to read a dark text on a light background.

If you make use of Outlook client, you can still turn on dark mode on it if that’s what you want, you can also do the same for the other Office apps. The only problem is that you cannot enable dark mode on the Office mobile app because currently Outlook is not affected by the dark mode on the latest mobile operating system versions which are Android Q and iOS 13. However, Microsoft seems to be working to create a dark mode for the iOS app which can also mean that they are working on one for Android as well.

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