Apple’s Logic Pro X update

Just recently Apple released an upgrade of its professional music production software known as the Logic Pro X. The software has now been properly powered up to let the public know what the new Mac Pro is now capable of, this includes the more developed responsiveness in the software and also an increased amount of tracks than it usually used to hold in a single project file.

This upgrade of the software is quite substantial in that it used to support 255 stereo audio tracks, 255 software instrument tracks and 255 AUX channels, however now it supports 1,000 stereo audio tracks, 1,000 software instrument tracks and 1,000 AUX channels, it also supports 1,000 external MIDI tracks. There are however many other DAW’s that already had this ability, Ableton for example supports an uncountable amount of audio and MIDI tracks, and Pro Tools has 512 AUX channels, but the standard of the Logic Pro X has surpassed them all. Furthermore, the new upgrade supports 12 sends per channel strip.

One question that may come to mind is why any person will need 1,000 audio or instrument tracks. The proper answer to that will be that not anyone should, however, there are certain producers that are involved in heavy, expansionary composition such as TV audio, adaptive video game music, and orchestral scoring, such producers might need it. The sound team for the movie Game of Thrones stated that they used 720 tracks in the software they used in between the layers of sound effects, foley, background audio, and dialog.

As we have stated earlier, the power that the new upgrade of the Logic Pro X has currently is a way to show how much the Apple Mac Pro is capable of. The company stated that the upgrade was made specifically for the Mac Pro, which means that the system is able to handle complicated processing projects. Apple commented that on the Mac Pro, Logic can function about 5 times what it would run on the earlier version of the Mac Pro. Producers who are interested in getting the new Mac Pro given its capabilities can order for them, the cost begins at $6,000.

There are a lot of new features that came with the Logic Pro X upgraded version most of which are focused on the functionality and speed of the software. A new setting called “Only load plug-ins needed for project playback” for example, reduces the weight of heavy files, and freezing a track will upload its plug-ins. The Logic Pro X is priced at $199.99, but if you have a former version, you can upgrade it at no charge.

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