Apple’s new standalone Music app for macOS still based on iTunes

There have been rumours going on around saying that Apple intends to break iTunes into constituents or portions in the soon to be released macOS 10.15, putting in new Music, Video and Podcast apps to serve as replacements for the iTunes that’s gradually becoming archaic. But then again, the new standalone Music app will still have to stand on the same iTunes foundation instead of being a new app that is based on Marzipan, as our sources have reported.

Therefore, rather the company designing a new Music app right out of ground which will share the very same codebase with the Music app that is already in existence in iOS (that is built on the UIKit framework), the new Music app for the macOS will be the usual AppKit Mac app all the same. To put this in lay man’s terms, the new Music app will still be iTunes at its core, be that as it may, a little of its features will be removed from the app and fixed into other apps so as to give Apple a way to concentrate on music.

The new Music app on the macOS 10.15 is rumoured to have a lot of the features that iTunes already provides which includes “smart playlists, advanced library management, syncing with iPods and iOS devices, and even disc reading and burning”, this ought to appeal to every person who is dependent on those features for their daily use. If in any case, there are certain users who hope that the new iTunes version will be a bit less congested with many features and just be centered on music alone, there’s a chance they will be pretty much disappointed.

In any case what these recent reports we have gotten proves is that iTunes will not be going anywhere, although the new version has the App Store, support for ringtones, and a lot of other features that are in the older version.

Regarding the Videos and Podcasts that the company plans to remove from iTunes and turn into standalone apps, the reports we got did not state in clear and precise terms if the apps will be Marzipan-based. This does not however mean that it is not an entire possibility.

The company is planning to make some new announcements by next month during its Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC). We hope that during the conference we would be better informed as regards the apps that are based on Marzipan and when the company will be launching the macOS 10.15

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