Samsung gives no reason why Galaxy Home wasn’t released in April

On this very day, the 10th of May, our sources report that according to historial documentation, Mother’s Day was for the first time celebrated more than one hundred years ago, also the movie known as Twister was displayed for the first time in cinemas and Fred Astaire and the Gosselin sextuplets were birthed (although not in the same year). However, as odd as it appears to users, Samsung has not seemed to provide a suitable reason why its smart speaker, the Galaxy Home was not shipped in April even though the company announced that it would begin shipping the speakers.

Even though the first time the Samsung Galaxy Home was introduced was in the month of August last year at around the same time the company released Samsung Galaxy Note 9. The Galaxy Home was meant to be a competition for other smart speakers like Google Nest Home, Amazon Echo, and Apple’s HomePod, the only difference is that the Galaxy Home is powered by Samsung’s voice assistant, Bixby. During the last event in February, Samsung had made an announcement that the Galaxy Home as well as the Galaxy Fold would soon be released with the Galaxy Home to ship in April. April was last month and yet Samsung is yet to provide an explanation why the Galaxy Home is not yet released.

When our sources reached out in the attempt to get an explanation from the company, Samsung said that they have changed their plans and have decided that they would be launching the Galaxy Home within the first 6 months of this year, therefore we expect that the Galaxy Home would be released latest in the month of June, 2019.

Even though no one can actually place a figure on the amount of people who are anxiously waiting for the speaker to be released, what we can be sure of is that buyers have the propensity of ordering a lot when it comes to artificial intelligence or as is commonly known, AI. If were making contrasts based on figures in the market, the HomePod, Apple’s own smart speaker that is powered by its AI technology, Siri has not made any significant progress. During the quarter of the year the Apple HomePods were brought out, 600,000 was the total amount of smart speakers shipped out, after considering the analysis, 600,000 covered merely 6 percent of the total market share. From that time up until now, Apple cut down the price of the HomePod down by $50 which is usually a move the company makes when a case comes that they don’t plan to update any of their devices on a per year basis.

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