How to add an Emoji Viewer to your Mac’s menu bar

Making use of emojis is quite an easy task when you’re operating your mobile phone, however it can also be made easy on a Mac. All you have to do is add an emoji viewer to the menu bar on your Mac so that way you can access your emojis, symbols, and a lot more just by clicking a few times.

Macs support emoji the same way iPhones and iPads also support emojis. It doesn’t matter where you are, you are able to open a panel for emojis when you press Control+Command+Space, however the emoji panel gives you the whole collection of emoji you have so you can choose from.

Among the different methods available to insert an emoji, this method happens to be the quickest. It has the emoji placed where you have to just click twice to select them, and also as an addition you get to choose other symbols as well. It doesn’t matter which sign you want to insert be it the © sign, the Ω symbol, or just 🙊, you will be able to do just that when you follow this method.

How to add an Emoji Viewer to your Menu Bar

The ability to do this is not available in the menu bar on the Mac by default, be that as it may, you have the ability to enable this one time.

To do so, click the Apple logo at the top of your Mac screen, after which you select the “System Preferences” button.

The next thing you want to do is click the “Keyboard” preference panel.

Next, click the tab labelled “Keyboard” and check off the “Show keyboard and emoji viewers in menu bar” checkbox.

When you have this enabled, you will find that a new button has appeared on your menu bar that will look like the one below

How to use the Emoji Viewer

If you open a text box, click the emoji viewer menu bar button, and select the “Show Emoji & Symbols” option in the subpanel.

The emoji and symbol viewer will pop up and from there you can go ahead and select the emoji or symbol you wish to use from the list of varying emojis that will appear. Once you have found one, double-click on it to have it inserted.

After you insert the emoji of your choice, you can now close the emoji viewer. Don’t worry, it will remain in the menu bar for whenever you need to use it again.

You can select any of the emojis to make as a favorite. All you have to do is click “Add to Favorites” and you will always have it open for quick access. Now if you don’t want to do this, it might interest you to know that the emojis you’ve used many times before will be available in the Frequently Used segment.

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