YouTube game creator, ProJared, allegedly requesting for nudes from underage fans

Well known YouTube game creator by the name of Jared “ProJared” Knabenbauer has been accused of asking for nudes from his fans, the report we got from our sources stated that even two of them were underage.

It is worth mentioning that the man in question, Jared “ProJared” Knabenbauer is a highly recognized and well-respected game creator on YouTube, he has up to one million subscribers on the platform and has been featured in certain channels one of which is Game Grumps. But as our sources gathered, the man has of late been abusing his wife Heidi O’Ferrall who is also a popular personality in the art of cosplay, and he has been asking his fans to send him nude pictures of themselves for many years. While our sources spoke to one of the fans, he said that Jared Knabenbauer knew that he was a minor at the time.

Even though the whole thing was taking place over different online networks, this breathes down on the role platforms meant for addressing issues such as YouTube face play when it comes to providing protection from doing too much to follow a popular in such a way that it could make them prone to abuse. Two weeks ago, Austin Jones had been condemned to serve 10 years in prison for requesting nudes from underage fans.

The accusations were first leveled against Knabenbauer late last week Wednesday just after he made announcement stating that he and his wife were filing for a divorce. That was when Heidi revealed that he had been abusing her after which fans started open up to the fact that he had been sending nude pictures of himself to fans on Snapchat without being asked for it.

Heidi O’Ferrall, Knabenbauer’s wife stated that he had for many years been soliciting that fans send him their nudes. She noted that, “In the beginning, it was a joke on Tumblr” but as time went on, it became “an abuse of power for him to intentionally manipulate anyone to show him their naked body on the basis that he’s a popular internet man.”

A personality that goes by the name Chai said that Jared Knabenbauer asked for nude pictures and also spoke to him sexually even though he (Knabenbauer) knew that Chai was only 16 years old. Chai also claimed that in time, Jared sent him a “dick pic” and also posted one of the underage photos that Chai sent to him. In Chai’s words, “I sent him many actual, real nudes,” Chai said on Twitter. “He knew I was 16.”

Despite these many allegations on Knabenbauer, he is yet to respond to any one of them even though our sources have tried reaching him for comment.

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