The Galaxy Note 7 will be the first phone with the new Gorilla Glass 5

It is all about Samsung at the moment. Since unveiling the much anticipated Note 7, the market has been thrown into frenzy as we eagerly salivate what the Note 7 entails.

The Galaxy Note 7 will the first phone with the new Gorilla Glass 5

Just a few weeks following the announcement of the technology, Corning’s latest Gorilla Glass 5 will be debuting in the sizzling hot new Galaxy Note 7. This Gorilla Glass 5 inherits all the clarity from the previous version as well as not leaving any bit of strength behind. This Gorilla Glass 5 of course promises to be a better answer to our cry of smartphone screens breaking from impact due to sudden drops.

This would bring added protection on Samsung’s latest Note

While maintaining the uniqueness of any other features of the famously used screen glass, Corning is of the opinion that Gorilla Glass 5 can survive drops from heights as high as five feet above the ground onto “hard, rough surfaces”. Corning claims this new screen will at most break only two times when thrown from such aforementioned heights ten times. Of course, this is an admirable improvement as to competitive glass coverings, a well commendable build on the Gorilla Glass 4 which we had on the Galaxy Note 5.

What is distinctly vital about this upgrade is that the Note 7 also employs the services of Gorilla Glass 5 on the back of the phone. You will agree with me that this side is most prone to harder impacts.

The confidence that your phone’s screen glass is much stronger is actually refreshing because we know these unfortunate drops surely come along. We hope that we never see that sad weakness in this Gorilla Glass 5 when we get the Samsung Note 7.

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