Chrome for Android now loads videos faster, consumes less battery

The Olympics might be around the corner, but in the tech arena, everyday is Olympics. The sport especially the “market athletics” among Google, Apple, Microsoft etc. is everyday. Each brand has to be keep running or risk left behind. Even while on bikinis in beaches, their engineers still have to think! The brand must always look pretty with one new update very now and then.

Chrome for Android now loads videos faster, consumes less battery

And now, Chrome for Android has been beefed up with one juicy update bringing it up to version 52. One interesting feature about this update is that it takes lesser time to load videos while still reducing the amount of battery consumed.

According to Google, more than a billion hours of video is played on Chrome on a weekly basis. The bigger fraction of these videos being viewed on mobile devices. Thus the search giant has its hand on desk diligently working to make the experience more pleasurable and less tasking.

With this update in place, users will be able to view videos with Data Saver mode enabled. This way there will be a compression of the videos. But then should your heart be heavy with fears that you could run out of data on your cellular plan, it is a cool option. Extracting from the Chrome blog:

With the release of Chrome 52 on Android, video playback has been improved for speed and power efficiency. This means you will see smoother playback and faster load times. Videos will now start playing sooner, instead of pausing briefly before loading, and your battery will last longer.

The update is being rolled out to several countries in phases; India users got theirs of late, so just be patient, it will be extended to Naija soonest.

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