How I Make Money on Jumia Market Affiliate Program

Hardwork is no longer a solar quantity! Hardwork now has direction as working hard is not enough. You have to work hard in the right way. The hose no longer leads from your skin to the bank, so the volume of sweat you pump working may not necessarily fill your bank account straight up. In a modern twenty-first century, a sweating brain pays more than a profusely sweating skin! Thus when working smart from your toilet seat, your bank account could add pounds both in the currency and in weight!


One reliable form of working smart which I have come to realize is the Jumia Market (formerly Kaymu)Affiliate program. This way you can earn a sound living from your bed, reading the bible with a cold bottle of star! The way the Jumia affiliate program works is very simple. Straight up, you are rewarded with a N500 bonus commission when you sign up.

This is just one tiny tip of a gigantic iceberg. So when you sign up for the Jumia Market Affiliate program, you will receive a link. You can share this with people to sign up for the program. When people sign up via your link, you get another N300. You will get a commission of N700 anytime someone makes a purchase via your link.

Cookie time is 24 hours. What this implies is that you get the commission of N700 anytime someone clicks on your link, making a purchase in the span of 24 hours after they clicked on the link. Also by coming on board, you stand to enjoy an easy-to-operate dashboard where affiliates can have a complete view of their performances, commission and just everything else. There are actually a variety of campaigns from which an affiliate could make a selection from. In the case where you choose to deep-link a product (this is creating a direct link to one particular product), it is also possible.

What You Can Benefit From Jumia Market Affilliate


From my experience as an affiliate marketer, Jumia Market emphatically aims at empowering upcoming online marketers, digital marketers, bloggers, arming them with tools so as to enable them extract cool gains from their existing online businesses. So when you choose to enjoy the immense advantages associated with becoming a seasoned affiliate marketer, joining the Jumia Market affiliate program will surely speed up the process. On Jumia Market, you get a cheque every time your engagement in promotion of our products leads to a successful transaction.

At least now, it wouldn’t be fair to sigh “Buhari” when you keep a spoon in your wallet anytime you go visiting. You could actually do better with the Jumia Market Affiliate program!

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