How To Make Money on Youtube

When I started online as a literal internet user, one of the sites I visit always is Youtube, I just love the concept of streaming various videos online and I can’t just stop going there, because I know there are so many interesting movies to watch right there, but little did I know that this free video streaming platform is actually making a killing for some folks online.

Today I will teach you, how you can be making good cash on youtube by uploading videos and building a channel for yourself.

Youtube is doubtlessly one of the most interesting place on the internet, the video content site allows users to create their own youtube channel individually and on each channel, you can create and upload your videos.

Getting videos uploaded on your account is very easy, just go to but how does that makes money for you?

Youtube videos rank on search engine and youtube as millions of people coming into the website daily, so the traffic to youtube is stable and you are going to be using the traffic to make money online.

Youtube runs adverts on monetize channel of users, and this advert runs on each video that has been enabled for monetization,  the advert shows in various ways, some shows 3mins as a video before the real video starts playing while some others shows right below the real video.

This advertisement program is monetized by google adsense, so to partake of the youtube monetization program, You must have an adsense account.

There are some very important you must know, to make money on youtube is not cheap, you must consistently create your original video as duplicate content will sabotage your monetization.

So what Do I need to Make Money on Youtube?

  1. You must have a digital camera or a smartphone gadget with such a brilliant camera effect.
  2. You must create your own youtube channel with a brand name.
  3. You must design your youtube channel to look very good and attractive and it must also convey what your channel is all about, for instance; if you are into graphic works and tutorial on anything graphic design, you must make sure the graphic on your own channel is mind blowing, that is how you can attract audience attention on youtube.
  4. You must create new original video consistently, it might not be daily but you must always create a stable video in the field of your niche and upload them.
  5. You must have in-depth knowledge on what you teach o do on youtube, because people are watching you all around the world and if you are not competent, they won’t check your channel again.
  6. Use keywords ion your youtube video title and description, each video on youtube ranks on google search engine, so you must know how to incorporate keywords for your videos so that you can rank and gain more traffic to your video, another advantage of using keywords in your video is that, when people are watching a video similar to yours, yours is going to appear in the related post at the sidebar of youtube.
  7. Enable your account for monetization, this is very important; if you don’t enable your youtube account for monetization, and you are gaining views on your video, you will not earn anything. To enable you youtube account for monetization, click here.
  1. Share your videos with friends on social media

It is important that you know that google adsense and youtube based monetization is one of the ways you can make money on youtube, there are many other ways you can make money on youtube, like promoting your products and services, promoting your affiliate products, you can record a video of yourself reviewing a video, explain the benefits, and drop your affiliate links to the product in the description below the video.

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