4 Reasons You Should Start a Blog For Your Business

People are used to running a website for their individual brand, companies, church and association but the internet as grown beyond what we can ever imagine or neglect, if you want your business to skyrocket and reach more people with less advertising effort, then the internet is a good place to achieve this.


Technology on the web today as advance from beyond what it use to be many years ago, if you are running a company, its not enough to have a website but you must also run a small business blog to rank for some local keywords that will bring in the right kind of traffic which can turn out into the right audience.

The simple differences between a blog and a website is that Blogs are updated with articles every now and then, but after designing and creating your website, you can decide not to update it that much and it will be fine but in the case of blog, for your blog to be relevant, gan audience and be search engine friendly, you must write various keyword article in a niche on it and update it often.

Today I want to give you 4 important reasons why yoou should create a blog for your local business.

In the United state right now, blogging is a super thing, many local business now host their blogs online to facilitate their promotion and gain more recognition, attract more customers and make more money.

Below are the 4 reasons;

  1. To Build a Brand : Building a good brand for your business is a necessity, the more quality brand you have, the more customer build trust and credibility in you and they will tend to patronize you the more. For instance; if you are into “catering services” you can make some articles on catering related services on your blog and it will rank for people searching for those interest on google and you will be contacted, that is the power of blogging in building solid brand, you tend to get more customers calling for consultancy without knowing you before all because they have gone through your blog.
  2. Make More Money : With blogging you can make more money; i will explain how this works, as a web designer, a wedding and event planner, you can put up some nice article in your field and customers searching for ” web designer” “wedding and event planner” will come across your blog, read the article, which must be interesting to them, then they will contact you and can even give you contract, all because they saw your credibility on your content creation.
  3. Gain More Relevance : Blogging can help you gain more relevant, people like the governor of Kwara state in Nigeria, runs a blog and right there he shares issues going on in the state and the measure they have been taking as a government to address it. Now as a business owner and as a company, you can also share your opinion about what is happening in your located country and share the way out with the world, as whenever there is a big breaking news and event in a nation, 70% of the people get to the internet to search what is going on. By the time you have shared your own opinion and your suggestion towards the development of the nation, your business will gain more relevant as a resource of your opinion that you shared on your blog.
  4. Reaching More Customers and Potential Clients across the world : If you have an electronic material like book and so on, blogging is a good way to get your voice out there to the world, you can say your mind and let them all know what you’ve gat and what you’re capable of doing.              If you run a recruitment firm or a consultancy service, by the time you shared some powerful tips on a particular field on your blog, your readers will be convince that this is a great professional in this world, as the internet give the best information in our world today. and you will attract ore customers and clients around the world.

These are some of the important reasons why you should start a business blog to support to your local business and country advancement.

If you have questions, you can drop them below.

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