Automattic Releases WordPress App For Windows Desktop

It didn’t take really a big mouthful of time. I even doubt if it was more than two weeks after launching an OS X app, Automattic, the company behind WordPress, is now in the process of launching a Windows version. Like on OS X, this app really exploits the complete rewrite of

wordpress app

If you are well acquainted with the new interface, I suppose there should be that level of comfort as it looks rightly and adequately the same. But then you’ll get a WordPress icon in the app launcher as well as task bar.

In a lot of ways, it has its operation in the same mould of the Slack desktop app. It make use of web technologies and then combine them with native features, which could include notifications, offline features as well as several operating system integrations.

I strongly think one feature whose vitality we can’t ignore here is the editor. Automattic now gives this one a dimension of a sleek new design with very few buttons on the screen. It emphasizes more on writing and getting well absorbed in your words even up to getting less about tweaking the post options.

Should you be in need of more options, you still have the option of going to the WordPress admin panel on the web. But many occasional bloggers are inclined towards making use of a clean interface and then forget about the options they weren’t using anyway.

The app gives you the chance to preview your posts in your site’s template and will regularly auto-save your work. In addition to this, the user can manage his WordPress websites from the dashboard as well as read posts from the reader view.

There is that impressive smoothness when moving from one tab to another , compliments will here go to the extensive use of JavaScript.

The new WordPress app is very compatible with any blog hosted on as well as any WordPress sites with the Jetpack plugin. A Linux version is soon to be rolled out people.

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