Fun Technologies to Look Out For in 2016


2015 was a year of great technological advancement in medicine, agriculture, finance, construction and automobile sectors. With the milestones achieved by the world’s top research facilities 2016 promises to be the year that will bring all inhabitants of the earth closer to the future than we thought possible in the year 2000. For us at Carmudi Nigeria, we would like to share technological advancement in the automobile sector and what to look forward to in 2016.

Google Driverless Cars.


If you come across a car driving around without a driver don’t be alarmed. Every bet is that it’s Google’s driverless car. This car has been tested on the roads and it has the entire important element such as headlights, steering and brakes. The car also has sensors and computers that can be fitted in normal SUVs such as Lexus. It is hoped that this new technology will reduce traffic jams and increase road safety especially in a populated city such as Lagos.

Space Tourism will Hit Mainstream.


We seen people visiting places around the earth for recreation but come 2016 people will be able to visit out of space not for research but for fun. Yes that right. People will be able to spend time outside the earth’s atmosphere for a price.

Right now, you have to be a multi billionaire with about 20-30 million dollars to spare to take a one way trip and chill at the international space station or 200,000 dollars to take a suborbital spaceflight from virgin Galactic. With an increase of willing vacationers and lot of investors it is hoped that in 2016 the cost of space travel will become as low as 1 million dollars per passenger.

Car-to-Car Communication.


Just like driver-driver communication, cars to car communication will become possible and in use starting 2016. This technology allows cars communicate with others around it using software such as Intel’s M2M (Machine-to-Machine).Cars will be able to share data with other cars on the roads. The technology can warn drivers of accidents, figure out alternative routes based on real time information cutting down traffic and increasing safety.

 Financial GPS.


Your car will be able to talk with your bank! BMW has developed a key that functions as a credit card. In 2016 the technology will be available for testing and by 2020, your entire car might become one credit card. Skymeter calls it “Financial GPS.” “With Financial GPS, consumers can get one bill at the end of the month for every car-related cost: their parking, their insurance, their lease, their roads, even full repairs coverage,” said Kamal Hassan, Skymeter CEO, in a Mashable interview. This technology will allow your car automatically pay for parking and fueling of your car controlling the cost of the driver. If you are driving a car on lease, it would save you money on your lease, your insurance, and even your municipal tax bill when you decide not to drive.


Mind Controlled Car Using Brain Sensors.


Mind over matter or at least car will reach an advanced stage in 2016. Nankai University researchers have spent two years developing the mind-controlled car, which is powered by brain signals and by 2016 this technology might begin its real time trials. Wearing a brain signal-reading headset of sorts, drivers will be able to control their cars through their thought. They will be able to move the vehicle forward, backwards, unlock and lock it, and come to a full stop by only using their thoughts.

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