Apple’s Programming Language Swift now Open Source

Apple has brought in a fresh new programming language last year that has the purpose of making the coding of an app for iOS or OS X much more convenient to do, and as of now that language is adopting a rotund approach: it’s going open source! Apple is now opening up the language, Swift, through a new website,, as well as through GitHub. In the face of this development, developers outside of Apple would now have the enablement to look inside of Swift, give a hand to its development, as well as bring it to new platforms.

swift now open source


Apple is making that big move now by releasing a version of Swift that can operate Linux. Most presumably, this is targeted at Apple’s enterprise partners, like IBM, who will now have the ability to create the consumer-facing portion of apps in Swift as well as have them talk to Linux servers who speak Swift as well.

Hey, you shouldn’t having the expectation of Apple working well on further ports of Swift itself, but then open sourcing its code brings in the promise that other developers could choose to bring it to Windows and Android, too. Apple has confidently voiced out that it wants Swift to be one of the major contending programming languages of the next 20 years, and if it really this gets woven into the fabrics of reality, having it work with all of the biggest desktop and mobile platforms will be principal . Also it will positively embellish Apple; the larger the population of Swift users, the more people who can code apps for its own devices.


Though Apple being open about anything is a kind of rare, open sourcing developer-facing creations of isn’t quite as strange as that . iOS’s ResearchKit was made open source some time earlier in 2015, and Safari’s browser engine, WebKit, has for a good lump of time been open to developers. Going open source is not really the same as Apple passing Swift off for others to handle.

Very surely, Apple is still going to reserve the lead role to development on it, with its work on the project now being done out in the open. Outside developers will be now have the chance to come in and join Apple, giving shape to the path that Swift embarks on and contribute to the manner in the which it functions and what it can do.


While developers are now well allowed to download Swift and take on the task of building things with it from this new website, that version of Swift won’t have the technical effrontery to build apps that go into the App Store. That from the look of things is for the purpose of security and stability.

Developers who choose to be in the App Store will yet have to pay the Apple fee making use of the official version of Swift; that version very likely is behind the open source version, at intervals syncing up with it, likely as new additions become stable. Though GitHub will be in charge of the Swift code, Apple is making move to put a functional developer community on ground through

The site will now host a bug tracking system, an engineering blog, as well as a mailing list. Also provided will be Swift tutorials and instructions educating on the means to contribute to its development. Apple hasn’t really published specific figures on how much uptake Swift has had with developers, thrown in a fogged view of this via citing a few examples — like Yahoo Weather, LinkedIn, and the to-do list app Clear — that have been well been in the practice of incorporating it. Also added to iOS and OS X apps, Swift is also functional as regards tvOS as well as watchOS apps.

The language is purposed to come at a larger pace than what developers previously had to use, Objective-C, while also establishing protections against familiar issues and errors. That flexibility — and Apple’s backing — already seems really sophisticated enough in making Swift a famous language.

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