Founder of Talks Ride Sharing on Break Digit Show

Our Guest this week on the Break Digit Show is Bolarinwa Motoni, the Founder of

Jekalo is the new Ride sharing startup set to give workers in Lagos a comfortable and stress free ride to and fro work daily.

In his word the Founder and Lead Developer of Mr. Bolarinwa Motoni said the startup was founded to provide a cheaper and more comfortable transportation system for corporate professionals.

We understand the hassle of getting to work daily in Lagos, is it the race to get a bus or the market woman who just returned from her local shopping sitting close to you? so anytime we spot a transportation startup in the hood, we run after it, bring it to the show so all of you will get to know about it.

While discussing on the show, Bolarinwa disclosed that a ride of about 10 kilometers which could cover a distant from Anthony Village to Victoria Island cost only N250 daily.

Aside from daily stipends to ride owners, he also disclosed monthly maintenance and insurance benefits to car owners who are signed to

It was an exciting chat, find more on the video below.


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