5 Most Practical Uses of GPS to Remember

The 21st century is currently experiencing a technological revolution – one of which is the Global Positioning System. Although, it is popular for assisting with navigation and direction, there are other puzzling uses of the GPS that you may not be aware of. Jovago.com, Africa’s No 1 hotel booking portals roll out some interesting functions of GPS aside tracking location.


Get your stolen car back

If you know that your car is prone to theft, it is advisable that you track your car with a GPS.

With GPS, no matter where the car is driven, it will be located and recovered. While you keep tabs on your vehicle, it is important to make a report at the police station to inform them about the disappearance of your car and the will further assist you with tracking it.

For combating crime  

With the increase in crime, the need for GPS to monitor suspects and their activities cannot be over-emphasised.

It is usually attached to the car and with it all movements of the target can be monitored from a GPS receiver. If the target is unfortunate and the reason for the tracking turns out to be true, he will be arrested by security operatives.


The aviation industry relies heavily on GPS to navigate the airspace. It is used to identify the correct route and also makes it possible for the control tower to detect the latitude and longitude of a particular route. This is the primary reason for the intermittent communication between the pilot and control room.

Track your travel luggage

The airport is a hub that has its personnel dealing with thousands of bags everyday. So the chances of your luggage getting missing here are higher. However, with GPS you can easily locate your luggage no matter where it is.

Watch elderly people

Leaving elderly people to cater for themselves is risky as they can fall prey to harmful accidents.

To keep them safe from danger, a GPS, can be adopted to track the movements and activities of elderly ones, this way their loved ones do not have to worry too much about them.  

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