3 Quick VIP Things You Must Take Notice Of, About Your Blog!

If you have been blogging for a while, it wouldn’t be strange to you that managing a blog can be hectic sometimes! From publishing articles, to sharing your posts on social media, approving comments, checking what’s right, fixing bugs, and etcetera – the list is endless!          

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However to cut the long story short, i had enlisted three very important things you must take notice of, frequently regarding your blog [apart from publishing articles].

#1    Design

            The first thing that attracts readers to your blog is the DESIGN and the design starts from the color combination of your blog, to the layout settings, font’s style, navigation, and widgets.

            This is the major reason why blog designers spent hours trying to ensure they put up a great design on any website they’d work on. However contrary to most people’s opinion, great doesn’t mean a heaven and earth design where your blog’s pages would be too heavy and too slow to load, of course NO!

            It is simply inserting the right components at the right and that is why if you want the best for your blog, you should consider getting a good blog designer out there for a start instead of DIY [Do-It-Yourself]. Later on in the future, you can consider making small changes by yourself if you feel you can.

            Additionally, you should also try to check sometimes if some parts of your blog’s design are not working well like broken widgets so you could fix it on time before it chases most of your blog’s visitors away.

#2    Broken Links

            When last do you access your blog thoroughly to check of broken links? Did you just say you can’t remember when, huh?!

 Well, let me remind you that broken links are one of the things that can hurt both your blog’s reputation and ranking. Imagine how disappointed a reader would be when they came to check out an interesting post on your blog only to lead them to a broken page 🙁

            You might not even know that a link is no longer working after composing several articles on your blog. However with this Broken Links Checker, you can easily fish out the broken links on your blog and also learn how to repair them! Sounds pretty easy!

#3    Backing Up Your Data Frequently

            This is the most important part of taking care of your blog. Imagine waking up one day only to find out your blog had been lost in the cyberspace – Maybe it was hacked, or your host shut it down, or whatever!

 I bet the feeling is going to be terrific knowing the fact that you had lost your years of work in a twinkle of an eye! I mean let’s assume it’s a 3 year old blog, like where exactly do you want to start from?!

            However when you have an up-to-date backup of your blog’s data, you need not to panic as whenever something goes wrong, it would be easier for you to revive your blog in case of any unforeseen circumstances.

 For instance, in the case of Google Blogging Platform known as Blogger, you can easily restore your blog in less than 2hours if you are equipped with your blog’s up-to-date backup data!

In one word: Ensure you backup your blog’s data frequently!

Bottom Line: Although there are several and lot of ways of which you can take great care of your blog, the above three mentioned in this post seems to be the most important ones!

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