5 DIY Ways to Give Your Business More Visibility Online

If you are searching for more ways to spread word about your business online, then this post will show you a few DIY tools you can use. By the way DIY means “do it yourself”.

Every business wants desired marketing results, but it seems impossible to get it through traditional method of advertising and marketing. So, you need to explore the best possible way Online Advertisement.

Online advertisement offers the fastest platform that helps in lead generation and increase sales for your business. There are different methods that are used in online promotion, which we are going to share with you. I am a music culture blogger and I’ve used some other these methods myself, Let’s take a look on these methods.

1. Google pay per click ads

Pay Per Click is an online advertising method which is associated with Google. One can promote their products and services on Google through PPC ads. Ads are displayed in the form of text, images and links on search engines. It is the best method because you would only have to pay according to the actual clicks you get through the ad. Google Adwords and Bing ads are the famous PPC medium for businesses. PPC will give growth to your business in a small period of time. I’m certain its viable although most Nigerian businesses aren’t using it,

2. Social Media Promotion

Social media advertising is the other form of display advertising that include pop-ups and text ads. There are different popular social media sites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, which can be used for the social media advertising. Through social media, you can target a large mobile audience and increase your brand awareness. I used this for my page Nigerian Universities Campus Gist and the page now has close to 20, 000 likes. The sad thing though was that I wasn’t offering a tangible service on that page, so I lost out because I wasn’t converting that traffic into a custom made site.

3. Email Marketing

Email Marketing is the oldest and most effective method of online advertising through which you can target your potential audience without spending much time. Email Marketing can be solicited and unsolicited. Unsolicited emailing option is termed as spam and is unethical, good news is that services like Gmail are getting smarter at separating useless spam and promotional mails. The solicited emailing option includes creating email list of potential customers and targets them by sending news mails. It is a cheap and effective method that can give you a good business awareness. However its not easy to build a big list overnight, so this is a more patient strategy that will pay off in the long run.

4. Hashtag competitions or challenges

We live in an era of viral content, businesses are leveraging on sensational and exciting campaigns to build more following for their products. You can start a competition for a giveaway prize of recharge cards. If you must compete in this crowded place, you have to represent something, and it has to be interesting. Trendy video clip competions and challenges can boost awareness for your brand. One of such was the Hallelujah challenge, and it was huge. Tap in, it comes down to innovation.

You can read the strategic reasons why the hallelujah challenge succeeded.

5. Content advertising

You can write informative articles according to your business on various topics and submit them to quality websites with good readership. Those who need answers will visit these article and will automatically reach your article and get a sneak peak of what you are trying to advertise. You can also post these blogs and article on your own website and increase the customer’s interest by providing essential information.

Overall, these online marketing methods are best for the business growth. You can hire a company that provides online marketing services at an affordable cost. But you can do it yourself!

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