Instagram Direct adds feature that lets you reply with a video or photo

Instagram has been giving it to us left, right and center for some time now. Instagram seems to be inculcating a habitual practice of bringing out something new almost every week. Well the one we have today is connected to Instagram Direct. If you have used it before, Direct comes as a feature of Instagram’s one-to-one messaging service.


This new feature works with Instagram version 10.34. This Instagram version should already be available for iOS and Android in the iTunes and Google Play Store respectively. With this new feature, users can respond with a photo or possibly a video to distinct videos, photos, as well posts that were reshared in Direct.

One thing that sparks interest here is that your reply will automatically bring in a sticker of what you are making a response to. This is really amusing.

Well there is more. You have the option of resorting to split-screen mode for the reply; making modifications to stickers base on your taste. All you have to do to make such modification is to tap on the sticker as it pops up. You can even go as far drawing on the sticker and even spice it up with effects.

Well we embrace all these updates remembering that Instagram blazed to a start as a photo-centric social network. Think about it, wouldn’t it be better populating all the Direct section with stocks of videos and photos?

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